a female artist collective in austin, tx


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is the designer behind FIBROUS, a series of woven goods and fiber accessories

Ellen studied graphic design and advertising at Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin, but ultimately left school in 2014 to work on a farm in Hawaii. When Ellen returned from the farm later that year, she turned to weaving as a new creative outlet and pursued it for 3 years before making it her full-time job.

While being mostly self-taught, Ellen has gathered a variety of skills from workshops taught by fiber artists she admires and from a small family in rural Peru. In 2015, she taught English to roughly 20 kids every morning in exchange for a peek into the family's traditional weaving and dyeing practices.

Today, Ellen works with mostly wool, cotton, linen, and copper to create wall art, functional goods and fiber jewelry for shops and individuals all around the world.