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Ellen Bruxvoort

Ellen is the designer behind FIBROUS, a series of woven goods and fiber accessories.

Ellen studied graphic design and advertising at Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin, but ultimately left school in 2014 to work on an organic produce farm in Hawaii. When Ellen returned from the farm later that year, she turned to weaving as a new creative outlet and pursued it for 3 years before making it her full-time job.

Although Ellen mostly considers herself a trial and error self-taught learner, she has also gathered a variety of skills from workshops and from living with a small family in rural Peru. In 2015, she taught English to roughly 20 kids every morning in exchange for a peek into the family's traditional weaving and dyeing practices.

Today, Ellen works with mostly wool, cotton, linen, hemp, and copper to create wall art, functional goods and fiber jewelry for shops and individuals all around the world.

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Emily Eisenhart

is a designer, painter, and muralist.

Emily was born in Seattle to an archaeologist father and calligrapher mother. After studying Cultural Anthropology in Chicago, she moved to San Francisco where she designed for IDEO by day and by night, she painted murals.

After six years in the Bay Area, Emily moved to Austin and never looked back. While her design work requires quite a bit of creative bandwidth, none of her artwork is planned. 

When not designing or making art, Emily can be found zipping around town on her bike or in her new (used) pickup truck.


Genna williams ceramics

Genna Williams

Genna is a multidisciplinary designer of minimal, functional ceramics.

She graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2014 with a degree in Furniture Design. After graduation, Genna moved to Austin and started building her very own ceramics studio as an escape from her hum-drum day job. She uses her extensive experience in home furnishings, lighting, and furniture to inspire her sleek ceramic forms.


SHe ceramics

Hallie Shafer

Hallie is the designer behind the wheel of She Ceramics.

When not teaching art at a local public school, Hallie spends her time packing as much life as possible into basic everyday objects. She works the surfaces of her pieces over several times, combining painting, underglaze pencil drawings, screen printing, and gold luster to evoke a sense of immediacy from an otherwise slow and methodical process.

Hallie's designs are never planned- each pot becomes a page in a three dimensional living sketchbook, and each pot has its own perfect imperfections that tell the story of its creation.

Made with love and a sense of humor in Austin, TX.


Karacotta ceramics

Kara Pendl

Kara is the designer and artist behind Karacotta Ceramics.

She is a mostly self-taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration in 2011, and a lifetime of creative curiosity. 

Originally a Wisconsin native, Kara grew up exploring in the woods, adventuring in nature, and creating with organic materials. These experiences heavily influence the unique aesthetic and processes in her body of work. 

When she's not blissfully covered in mud, you can find her practicing handstands, reading in the sun, drinking coffee and chatting goals & strategy with other female entrepreneurs.


Silk Diaries

Kylee Barnard

Kylee Barnard is the designer and natural dyer behind Silk Diaries.

Kylee received a BFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and soon after started her first corporate job as a visual designer at IBM. She quickly found herself feeling beat down by her anxiety and imposter syndrome, which ultimately smothered her self-confidence and drowned her spirit in self-doubt.

Recalling the comfort she felt from her silk trimmed blanket as a baby, she utilized her passion for self-expression and color theory to create a brand of silk products that shine light on the issues women face in the workplace. Silk is pound-for-pound tensile strength greater than industrial steel and is representative of the unparalleled strength and softness that exists in the femininity of woman-kind.

Kylee works only in natural dyes such as flowers, plants, fruits, tree barks, and roots, while seeking to utilize her food waste as much as possible. She also re-purposes event botanicals to craft memorable heirlooms–whether they’re from a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary, the sky is the limit.